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    Огромное спасибо всем сотрудникам AIESEC - Краснодар, в частности Шварченко Виталии, за замечательную возможность общения с классными ребятами со всего мира!!!



Little discoveries of Great Britain.

I`d like to tell you about my fascinating trip to England. I visited this amazing country like a tourist and a student in a language school. I think, all your associations with England are Big Ben, Buckingham palace, bad weather and donnish Englishmen. So, I`m going to open you new England. I hope you`ll enjoy my short story.

Well, I want to begin with my first discovery of the weather. Maybe, I was lucky, but the weather in Oxford and London wasn’t really bad. To tell the truth, the sun in England isn’t so uncommon thing. My second enjoyable discovery is about English people. They`re really friendly, helpful and kind. I was gratefully gassed, when all bus drivers wished a good day and said «hey, buy». What I liked more is English architecture. If you` re an admirer of Gothic buildings and Harry Potter fan, England is really for you. Every tourist can visit places, when Harry Potter was filmed. What`s more, I opened for myself a fantastic English landscape. You can see sheepand horses grazing on bright-green fields. It looks like a picture and really relaxes you. England is an astonishing country. It combines modern business buildings, big cinemas, luxury cars and ancient architecture, fantastic wildwood and peaceful villages. Finally, If you`re crazy about different desserts, you can find great variety of cookies, chocolate and cakes in it. It`s really worth it.

To crown it all, I think, everybody can find something attractive and interesting in England. If you have an opportunity to visit this magnificent country, don’t miss your chance!

                                        (Punctuation and spelling of the author)

                          My former student, one of the best, Olesya Litvinova 

Good experience!!!

I am studying Entertainment and Events Management in Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. It is definitely different from what you experience in Russian Universities or schools. You have to come to each class, do assignments all the time and for some people it doesn’t sound like fun. For me studying became part of my life and surprisingly, I like it. At first, it was hard to adapt to new education system and difficult Glaswegian accent. Now, 3 years later, I am in love with Scotland: beautiful views, friendly and kind people with amazing sense of humor, clean city and awesome University, where desire to study appears on its own. So friendly, that wherever you go, people call you “love” or “beautiful”.

I have such classes like Risk Management in Cultural Sector, Practical Events Management, Globalisation, Public Relations and other similar modules. Each of these modules includes one seminar and one lecture a week, and 2 assignments, which can be essay (up to 3000), presentation, or exam. Essays or reports sometimes can be hard to write, because it is not about your opinion at all. You have to find academic sources, like business journals or books and then also reference them. If you don’t reference – you plagiarise, which means you can be fined or even excluded. Sometimes it can be so hard, that compositions I used to write at school in Russia are piece of cake. I have never been bored during lectures or seminars, because all teachers are so much fun! They joke, they’re interesting and know what they are talking about.


In my spare time, I usually walk around the city, doing shopping, eating out and going to see a movie to the cinema, which is, by the way, the tallest cinema in the world. Sometimes I travel. For example in summer, I went all around Scotland and England: from the far north to south of Britain. I have never seen so many sheep.

Scotland is beautiful place to come. Edinburgh is much older than Glasgow and probably even more beautiful. However, it will always be the capital, where thousands of tourists come every day. Glasgow is more like a “living city”. I love it and not even for a second doubted about coming here. I still have a year to study and to decide what to do after. What I know exactly is that I will stay in the United Kingdom.

(Punctuation and spelling of the author)

My former student, Nastya Popova

Anglo European School of English
77 Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth BH1 1RW

If you want to travel, to get positive emotion, make new friends from other countries, and, of course, improve your English, you should  go to this school! Friendly atmosphere, perfect teachers and interesting activities will make the trip a memorable one! If you have the chance to study in Britain, you must use it, because you'll be able to communicate with people from different countries without problems. I really enjoyed this trip and I would come back to England as soon as possible!
Nastya Klimemko, class 8a